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Skyrim DLC Ideas from Todd Howard

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim director Todd Howard has some ideas he garnered from a company-wide creative session at Bethesda for DLC for his team’s mega-hit open-world RPG.  Howard expressed that the following are all “experiments,” but who knows what could come of them? 

I especially like the idea of dragon mounts, but with fast travel, it’s hard to see a use for them other than for your own ego.  Spears also seem like a cool idea, as I’ve always been puzzled why these weapons have been decidedly left out of all previous incarnations of The Elder Scrolls.  Regardless of whether any of these actually get implemented, it’s nice to see that Bethesda is still thinking about Skyrim

Some of the other ideas to be added to Skyrim mentioned at DICE 2012 include:

Kill cams for magic 
Water arrows 
Giant mud crabs 
Paralysis runes 
Seasonal foliage 
Speedy water currents 
Dark dungeons 
Adoption of children 
Advanced home building 
Epic new mounts 
Fast travel portals 
Kinect dragon shouts 
Enhanced water visuals 
Ice and fire arrows 
Lycanthrope perk tree 
Vampire imp minions 


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