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Skyrim Mod Tools Dev Diary

There are already a bunch of mods available for Skyrim, but Bethesda is about to release the official creation kit for their critically-acclaimed epic RPG.  A new Developer Diary video hit the internet this morning which explains the basics of the system and how it is integrated with Steam. 

Looking a lot like the G.E.C.K mod tools for Fallout 3, the Skyrim Creation Kit (Which needs a catchier acronym than "S.C.K.") will let Skyrim fans create their own maps, quests and gameplay tweaks with a relatively low amount of technical know-how.  It will use Steam Workshop to make it easier to get your mods into the hands of players who are intimidated by the notion of modding their game.  

A notable moment in the dev diary is the mention of a new scripting language which might address some of the limitations that the mod community had for previous Elder Scrolls and Fallout games.  You can see more about the Creation Kit's features on Bethesda's website, and watch the Dev Diary below.  Be sure to check out Player Affinity's mod-making tips too.


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