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Skyrim Multiplayer DLC Announced

The news all Skyrim fans have been eagerly awaiting: Todd Howard has announced the first batch of DLC arriving monthly beginning in June. The first DLC pack for Skyrim features a massive thirty two player online battle mode, where Dragon Born are allowed to use their fists in frenzied bare knuckle combat.

After watching the Skyrim Game Jam which gave hints of future DLC content, many players have been left surprised and disappointed from the lack of dragon mounts and new skill classes, but are very excited about the addition of multiplayer unarmed combat.

It has also been confirmed that future DLC packs will do allow players access to use weapons and magic in multiplayer. Weapons and magic will respectively come in separate monthly updates for the price of $20 (Or 1600 Microsoft Points) with each pack adding in one weapon type and one school of magic.

When faced with criticism over the price and content of the DLC, Todd Howard responded with the following statement.  “Bare knuckled fighting between thirty two Dovakiin is cooler than riding a dragon. People say they won’t buy it, but they will. This is Skyrim we’re talking about”.

UPDATE:  April Fool  


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