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Skyrim Ships 10 Million

Well if there was any doubt that Skyrim is one of the biggest success stories of the year, Bethesda now has the numbers to back it up.

In total, 10 million copies have been shipped, generating $650 million in revenue for the RPG veterans. While some have criticized the game for having bug-related issues, it has still remained one of the top selling games across all three platforms, even becoming the number one seller on pc at a rate of 3-1 compared to other titles released in the past couple months which is quite impressive.      

While I’ve still yet to play the game myself, I eagerly look forward to joining everyone else later this month when the game is finally discounted on Steam and I have enough spare money to actually afford it.  With the mod community already churning out tons of great content (some things creepier than others) and Bethesda seemingly releasing another patch every other week with DLC promised in the coming months, it's nothing but good news for fans of the epic fantasy RPG and for those on the business side of the industry: a sizable blow to the myth that single player focused titles can't sell tremendously well anymore.


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