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Smartphone Innovation Gone Too Far?

These days the modern day cell phone is the temple of privacy. Many cell phone owners have an extremely difficult password or they're overly protective with whose hands can even come close to their mobile device. But what if we took the vault door off of the safe and removed the phone cases, security passwords and the opacity all together?

Polytron Technologies has done just that with their newly designed prototype which is completely transparent aside from its industrial counterparts. The sight is beautiful but deceivingly unpractical.


Polytron's Prototype

Specs of the Prototype

Polytron’s prototype is yet to have decided on an operating system but heavy hitting smartphone manufacturers are after the intriguing innovation. They may also be banking on Polytron’s plan to deliver by late in 2013. This is a tall order seeing that the prototype has many obstacles to conquer. Not only manufacturing hurdles but the process of incorporating an operating system before this year’s end is rather ambitious. The device is expected to be touchscreen on both sides and the display will show when the phone awakens on the glass-like LED. Of course the phone has not been able to manage a transparent SD card, battery, speaker and microphone although Polytron says they will disguise these visible parts with tinted glass.

Deputy Manager at Polytron

Is its Use as Clear as its Design?

The industry may be after the next fad but is this model practical in the long run? Will consumers want a transparent phone where everyone around them can see the inner workings regardless of if they have the intention to or not? This device uncovers all angles of physical boundaries and any privacy aspect you may have had the luxury of before. Customers can expect exposed phone numbers when they make a call or the contents of their texts when they send a message with such a product.

Don’t get me wrong, the design looks amazing and I’m sure gadget pros will agree but it is doubtful that the loss of privacy is worth the attractiveness. It will be interesting to see how the product is marketed when a major smartphone manufacturer picks up the technology.



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