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‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Teaser: The Most Badass of them All?

Just when we thought that the competition for "fairest of them all" had basically ended between 2012's "Snow White" films, Universal's Snow White and the Huntsman has released a teaser trailer just a week after Relativity Media's project got some press by announcing it's title, Mirror, Mirror

The "Huntsman" teaser, which you can find right here at Apple, takes the narrative angle of the domineering Evil Queen (Charlize Theron) to start, showing how she sucks the souls of beautiful women to feed her immortality. When she finds out she's not the fariest of them all, she hires the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) to capture her would-be successor, Snow White (Kristen Stewart). Although it's not shown in this footage, the Huntsman ultimately decides to spare her, but instead of leaving her to her own devices, he trains her to be a warrior.

Immediately I'm very impressed by rookie director Rupert Sanders' eye for style, especially considering Tarsem Singh, director of his "rival" project is supposed to be the visual mastermind. Early word was the film would be a "Snow White" meets "Lord of the Rings" type film and that's exactly what I'd call it.

Theron looks like perfect casting from what we've seen so far, though we see very little of Stewart and most skeptics will want to see how she delivers a mainstream role outside of the "Twilight" series. Hemsworth looks like he's doing an impression of himself as Thor, but with that role he did prove himself quite likable. No look at the many of established actors cast as dwarves in the film, but there's time for that as "Huntsman" will hit theaters two and a half months after Mirror, Mirror on June 1.

I suspect we could see a Mirror, Mirror trailer within as little as a day as Relativity's Immortals arrives in theaters tomorrow.


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