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SOCOM 4 Pushed Back to 2011

Those hoping to get their hands on SOCOM 4 in 2010 will be disappointed to know that Zipper’s SOCOM 4 for the PlayStation 3 has been pushed back to 2011. Jeremy Dunham, Senior Community Manager, Zipper Interactive made the announcement via the official SOCOM blog this past Wednesday. With the heavy anticipation to Zipper’s return to the SOCOM franchise on PS3, the team at Zipper is instead going to put in a little extra development time, as Dunham notes in the official post.

“…we don't want to take any shortcuts. Instead, we want to deliver the best and most immersive SOCOM game we possibly can and we're going to use our extra time to do just that.”

As of now there has been no indication as to when in 2011 SOCOM 4 will be out. Whether it’s Q1, or sometime later on remains to be seen. If there is ever a good reason to delay a game, I’d say that this is it. While it’s a shame SOCOM 4 won’t be in line for the PlayStation Moves release this September, a little extra development time to polish things up is certainly welcomed.  


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