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SOE Announces New Zombie Themed MMO H1Z1

Sony Online Entertainment has revealed that it is developing a new post-apocalyptic game that has been named H1Z1. It will also be an mom and will be available to play "soon" according to John Smedley, CEO of Sony Online Entertainment.
The game will follow the free-to-play model where players will fight for their survival as the world is infected by the deadly virus known as H1Z1 and it's been confirmed H1Z1 will follow the microtransactions function too, along the lines of the WarZ, a game which received a majority of poor reviews in the wake of the favorable zombie survival game DayZ, originally based on the ARMA 2 engine and recently released as a standalone.

Smedley explained that the game takes place fifteen years after the infections started. The humankind has been hiding in the shadows and has been scraping for food. Players will be facing infected people, wild animals and other survivors. The game is set in Middle America and can be any town from that place. The game will have a open-world settings around the environment and has been pitched as different from other games in the genre that exists now, as it will not only feature a current generation MMO Engine, Forgelight, but will also be able to serve up to 2,000 players on its dedicated servers. The game will have a character progression system with scavenging and crafting system that allow players to make weapons like firearms, Molotov cocktails, explosives and others.
The game will also focus on building and ownership, where a player can cut the trees and make a house from the scratch. They will also be given the tools to set up their own defences, camps, towns and decide on the setting up of the base. You can check out the H1Z1 video preview above where John Smedley details some of the things to expect from the horror survivor coming soon for Playstation 4 and PC.  


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