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Solar: Man of the Atom #1 to be Released in April

The greatly anticipated third release in Dynamite Entertainment’s “Gold Key” line of comics will debut in April. Solar: Man of the Atom is a reboot of a beloved comic book series from the early 1960s. This title and others within the “Gold Key” line is made possible by Dynamite’s licensing agreement with DreamWorks Classics, and the hope is that there will be many more like it.

When Dr. Phil Seleski, scientist and compulsive truth-seeker, is exposed to high levels of radiation, he gains special powers. But with power comes consequence, as this reluctant hero may have stumbled into more than he can handle. The safety of those closest to Dr. Seleski hangs in the balance. Is chaos inevitable? Solar01-Cov-Doe

Solar: Man of the Atom’s creative team will be made up of Frank Barbiere (Five Ghosts) as writer and Joe Bennett (Iron Man) as illustrator. While the “Gold Key” revival is a celebration and resurgence of classic comic books, this particular title is intended specifically for a new generation of readers and is being referred to as “perfect jumping-on point for newcomers.”  Frank Barbiere said of it, “We’ll have all the wonderful sci-fi action and excitement that the original is known for, yet apply those classic elements in a new direction that will feel fresh and new.” Solar: Man of the Atom #1 is slated for release on Wednesday, April 16, 2014. There have been multiple variant covers announced, and those who preorder at their local comic book retailer will receive a variant featuring the work of Bob Layton, the original Solar artist and industry icon. The Main Cover will be done by Juan Doe (Fantastic Four, Deadpool).




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