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Soldier Zero #2 – Advance Review

Soldier Zero continues! Wheelchair user, Stewart Trautmann recently bonded with an alien parasite called Soldier Zero! Both will have to adjust and learn how to live with one another to become one of the greatest heroes known to Earth. While Stuart’s older brother James, isn’t to sure about the alien parasite living on Stuart. James will have to accept his brother’s decision and stop being overprotective of him. With all this and more Soldier Zero is being written by Paul Cornell and artwork by Javier Pina and Sergio Arino. Stan Lee is the inspiration of Soldier Zero!

Soldier Zero is a fun filled adventure! With Stan Lee helping Paul Cornell and friends on this project, Soldier Zero can become another great iconic comic book character. From the events of issue one, we know that Stuart Trautmann was a Captain in the United States Marine Corps. However, due to a landmine that his platoon ran over with their truck; it badly damaged his spine and left him paralyzed from the waist down. Now as an astronomy TA, Stuart moves on with his life watching other people take him for granted and make him feel helpless. Despite that fact, he has given him a second chance at being able to walk and also become the hero no one ever expected... Soldier Zero!

Soldier Zero # 2 Cover CWhen James tries to get Stuart and Lily to safety, he runs into trouble with Stuart’s other half. As James goes by their house, Soldier Zero wants to stop and rest at home. James wants to get Lily to the hospital and Soldier Zero helps by transporting Lily to the hospital instantly. While Soldier Zero and James talk with one another, it turns out that the alien armor didn’t come alone. As the armor’s original owner starts to look for his suit he's killed by a black alien. It eventually turns out that the alien parasite suit was a Captain (like Stuart) in the intergalactic army giving them something in common.

While James doesn’t entirely trust the alien war suit, Stuart wants to give it a chance and let the suit live with him. James wants something in return for Stuart and negotiates to the suit about letting Stuart be able to walk again. However, Stuart denies the proposition. The alien parasite is stronger than Stuart’s mind and by force, makes Stuart take a walk (and run) around town. Eventually, Stuart goes into the store that wouldn’t allow wheelchairs, and meets the disabled girl from the first issue. When the store gets attacked by a couple of gangsters, Stuart and the alien decide that they need to help and Soldier Zero forms! After taking out the bad guys the suit runs out of power. This leaves Stuart without the ability to walk again, right in front of the other alien that followed the original Soldier Zero to Earth.

Paul Cornell (Doctor Who, Dark X-Men) has greatly improved his writing on Soldier Zero’s series. From issue one, we found out what made Stuart Trautmann disabled and now we’re finding out more about the alien parasite. Paul is doing a great job writing this series he incorporates a lot of real world things (e.g. President Obama and Star Wars) and I like how he creates the tone for the comic. Since the first issue, I was captured by this epic tale of man and alien, but now however I’m hooked! Javier Pina (Bat Lash, Secret Six) is a great artist on this team. His artwork works great with Archie Van Buren’s colors. At times the artwork goes off (like with James’ face expressions), however that can be excepted as Soldier Zero is just beginning this new adventure!

Readers who are looking for something new in comic books should buy Soldier Zero. If you ask me, Soldier Zero is going to become a iconic hero like many of the heroes we see in comics today.

Overall Score - 9.6/10




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