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Soldier Zero #4 – Review

The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here – the battle against Soldier One! As this is the final issue of the first story arc, One Small Step For Man, Soldier Zero doesn’t stop here. Soldier Zero and Stuart are fighting for their lives against a more powerful threat than Soldier Zero has ever faced! However, this threat may be stronger than Soldier Zero, but is he stronger than Stuart?! Issue four is just a stepping stone to what is going to happen in the next story arc so join Paul Cornell, Javier Pina and Stan Lee in this epic story.

With what has happened recently, we know that Stuart Trautmann was a United States Marine who eventually was put in a wheelchair when he was hit by an undercover mine. With that he returns back to his hometown and is helped by many of his friends. While stating that he isn’t helpless, Stuart soon gets the ability to become the intergalactic hero named Soldier Zero! With this power he has to stop an intergalactic conflict between The Split-Second Men and the Soldier Ones!
Short Version

Stuart and Soldier get into big trouble when they defeat the Soldier One unit that tries to kill them – it turns out their plan to protect humanity backfires on them.
Long Version

Soldier Zero 4 CoverSoldier Zero #4 opens up with the battle between Soldier Zero and One. While the first three issues did tend to have more information about Soldier Zero than anything else it was interesting to learn little hints about Soldier Zero. In this issue, Paul really digs deep into the partnership of Soldier and Stuart. As the story progresses readers will see that Lily (Stuart’s love interest) doesn’t like violence, as shown when Zero and One were fighting between one another. When Zero turns off the brain activity in Stuart’s mind to defeat Soldier One by himself, he finds out quickly that Stuart is stronger than Soldier Zero’s powers. While Soldier Zero wants to kill Soldier One because he is the enemy, Stuart states that there is always another way to defeat someone. With this Soldier Zero leaves the choice to Stuart and they do beat Soldier One, but at a great casualty!
From issue 1-3 Soldier Zero 4 is defiantly better than all of those previous issues. The mind of Soldier Zero is really different from Stuart, and also some of Soldier Zero’s history is still unknown. Like how Zero was and still is the traitor to the Soldier One army! The contrast between Stuart and Zero is really excellent, the mentality of Stuart always finding another way to doing things really shows a greater perspective on his character. While Soldier does the exact opposite, kill or be killed! As being one hero, but with different options on how to be that so-called "hero" it is good to see that having those two contrast with one another affects what they will do in the future! 
Paul Cornell and Stan Lee are an unbeatable team! The work that Stan has done over the years really does help shed some light on things that he might want to convey to the writer and artist. Stan is a writer himself, but he has worked with thousands of artist and knows how things should be conveyed in a comic. Creating such iconic and believable characters like Soldier Zero and friends is really awesome. Paul’s writing is excellent. His work on the current run of Batman & Robin is really amazing, and he really knows how to convey each character in their own special way.
Javier Pina is back! From the first two issues of Soldier Zero, Javier was the artist but he soon got Sergio Arino to take his place. However now that he is back it is good to see that he is still working on the series!
Soldier Zero #4 is a must have for 2011. It has action, suspense, and overall good team behind this series. With this only being the last issue of the first story arc, don’t worry Soldier Zero will be back with a new mission – not get killed, by both aliens and the human race! So with this Soldier Zero is going to make readers want more and new ones come onto the series. In stores today!

Overall Score - 10/10

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