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Soldier Zero Exclusives

Were you unhappy with your run of the mill cover of Soldier Zero #1 this week? Were the first 7 covers not enough for you? Well Boom! feels that same way and have added 2 more covers to mix! Some completionist out there is getting really pissed off right now realizing that they'll have to buy 9 covers all together. At any rate the new variants are being sold through Mid-Town Comics with their own exclusive cover and yet another exclusive cover through Hastings which has been pumping out the exclusive covers since getting into the comics game. As is the norm, I'm sure some of these exclusives will make their way into other comic shops and then eventually the eBay. Pictured below are the covers and I do have to say that the retro cover is pretty snazzy!
Midtown Variant - Soldier ZeroMidtown Variant
Hastings Varaint - Soldier ZeroHasting Variant


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