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Soldier Zero Gets A Change in DnA

BOOM! Studios' all-time bestselling title STAN LEE’S SOLDIER ZERO gets a change of “DnA” as Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning take over from Paul Cornell on scripting duties beginning with SOLDIER ZERO #5. Super hot writing duo Abnett and Lanning will pick up and run with Cornell’s ongoing ideas and also inject plenty of their own.

“It was a lifelong ambition come true to work with Stan Lee, and I couldn't be happier that such talented writers as Dan and Andy will be taking over from me on SOLDIER ZERO,” said Paul Cornell.

Soldier Zero # 5A“Paul’s simply a splendid fellow,” said Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. “We are delighted to be following in his footsteps on STAN LEE’S SOLDIER ZERO. Paul generously shared his plans and ideas for where he saw the story going, and they are, as you might expect, far too good not to keep, but we’re also bringing lots of new stuff into the mix. SOLDIER ZERO fans will not be disappointed!”

Superstar fan-favorite writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning have collaborated on such bestselling titles like THE AUTHORITY for Wildstorm as well as the recent smash-hit IRON MAN/THOR limited series and NOVA for Marvel.

STAN LEE’S SOLDIER ZERO tells the story of Stewart Trautmann, an Afghanistan war veteran turned university lecturer, who in a freak accident is fused with an alien weapon of war. Now he stands as Earth's first line of defense in an oncoming galactic conflict!

Soldier Zero # 5BDebuting in October, STAN LEE'S SOLDIER ZERO marked the first of three new ongoing superhero series from BOOM! Studios and Stan Lee and quickly became BOOM!'s bestselling single issue of all time. STAN LEE'S SOLDIER ZERO was quickly followed by the time-bending epic STAN LEE'S THE TRAVELER, written by Mark Waid with art by Chad Hardin which shipped in November, causing a stir among comic fans everywhere. STAN LEE'S STARBORN, the third series from BOOM! and Stan Lee, written by Chris Roberson with art by Khary Randolph shipped earlier this month to universal wide-spread critical acclaim.

Shipping this February, SOLDIER ZERO #5 is written by Paul Cornell, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning with art by Javier Pina. The issue ships with A & B covers in a 50/50 split drawn by Trevor Hairsine and Kalman Andrasofszky respectively as well as a 1-in-10 incentive drawn by Hairsine. SOLDIER ZERO #5 carries a Diamond Code of DEC100824


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