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Some New Bloodrayne Betrayal Screens

A new batch of screenshots for the upcoming Xbox Arcade game Bloodrayne Betrayal hit the web this week, and we have the chance to see the new enemies, along with some special attacks and weapons that Rayne the sexy vampiress will be using in the game.

Here Rayne shows off a laser cannon. Note the mirror-like disks on the sides of the screen, will this be a puzzle that requires the player to reflect the laser beam at the right angle?

Rayne's arm swords are part of her distinct design.  Here we see her employing a spin attack. 

Is this a robot? Or is that magical lightning.

Rayne will be able to drink the blood of her enemies.

Finally we see our heroine carving up a hideous blob.

Bloodrayne Betrayal will come out for XBLA and Playstation Network later this year.  No release date has been set at this time.


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