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Sometime in 2015, Expect The Impossible Once Again

Okay Mission: Impossible fans, we've got another one on the way! I'll admit, that I am probably one of the few fans out there, who kinda wished M:I 3 was the last film in the series. In his first feature film, J.J. Abrams did such a good job of bringing things back to the basics in terms of character development, while including nice nods and sensibilities of the classic 1960's television show. Of the first three films, it was perhaps the most faithful to the spirit of the show in my opinion. 

However, after director Brad Bird's more than worthy follow up in 2011's Ghost Protocol, half a century old Tom Cruise, has reportedly signed on for yet another turn as Ethan Hunt in the successful M:I franchise. Yeah, we're kinda excited about the prospect of that to be honest. 

As of now, no other actors are linked to the project. Nor is there a writer or director officially attached yet. However, Christopher McQuarrie, who directed 2012's Jack Reacher starring Cruise, and co-wrote 2008's Valkrie, also starring Cruise, is reportedly considering stepping into the director's chair.

What say you Fuse readers? Are you ready for another assignment? If M:I 5 is as good as Protocol, I say bring it on! It is one mission I would definitely choose to accept.


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