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Sonic: Lost World Launches This October

IGN today released a new trailer for the Nintendo-exclusive Sonic: Lost World and on top of a few new powerups that’ll help the blue blur, but also an release date of October 22nd.

In the new trailer, Sonic will be transforming into different objects just like he did in the 2010 hit Sonic Colors. While some old wisp favorites return like Rocket, Laser and Drill; Sonic will gain the ability to transform into a bird, a planet complete with its own asteroid belt and a pink music note that’ll float on a musical staff.

The first of the Nintendo-exclusive trio of Sonic titles, Lost World is aimed to be the continuation of Sonic’s upward trend in terms of a high-quality platformer. Each title since Colors have taken the feedback from the community to further improve the games after the hedgehog’s tough time earlier in the millennium. Lost World is focusing on what succeeded in Colors mixed with a new parkour system that’ll allow the hedgehog to scale obstacles once he hits runs into them.


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