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Sonic: Lost World Trailer Released, Game Detailed

One of the three exclusive Sonic games on the Nintendo systems, Sonic: Lost World, released a gameplay trailer along with info today via IGN.

Lost World, on Wii U at least, seems very much like Super Mario Galaxy with a mix of topsy-turvy, gravity-defying 3D level design while maintaining the fluid 3D to 2D transitions from Sonic Colors (which in itself seemed ripped from Mario Galaxy).

According to the IGN article, Sonic will have a parkour system. The Blue Blur will auto-perform wall runs or jumps when he hits an obstacle instead of stopping instantly, which was a major buzz kill in 3D Sonic games. If parkouring didn't seem Assassin's Creed enough, Sonic will only speed up when the player holds the triggers, one for running and the other for Spin Dashing. The Gamepad's screen will also be used to activate Sonic Colors-esque power-ups.

The game’s story is pretty straightforward. Eggman locates a floating island called the Lost Hex and when Sonic encounters him, he meets the Deadly Six (shown off in the trailer).

Sonic: Lost World will be released on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS this fall. 


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