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Sony Announces HMZ-T1

Sony has tried to push a lot of products on us these days. There's been 3DTVs, motion controllers like the Move/Sixaxis, and UMDs. With the exception of Blu-ray, Sony has yet to really sell their ideas. As much as they try it seems they can't grab the majority for one reason or another. However, one interesting idea to come out of Sony might actually be going somewhere. 

Sony announced at CES this year that they would be releasing their HMZ-T1 headset at the end of the year (in Japan). The device itself may seem familiar to those who were alive for the Virtual Boy flop. The headset features two small screens (one for each eye) and when viewed they can produce a 2D or 3D 720p picture. It also includes built-in surround sound simulating headphones to aid in the theater experience. The headset was actually talked about before as an unnamed conceptual product, but at the time Sony did not have any plans to distribute the headset. The headset itself will cost you $800 if you're interested in this piece of technology. 

Now, I have been a skeptic of 3D for a while, but I do find this product interesting. Maybe it's the idea that the device will bring you one step closer to being immersed in the game. Or it could easily be the fact that it just looks pretty sleek and cool (like pretty much any Sony product). Either way I respect Sony for coming up with this. If gamers can agree on one thing it's that no matter how old the game is, what it looks like, or what the story is, as long as it can immerse you then it's a good thing. I think we've all found ourselves nearly sucked into our TVs playing a game before, and this device makes it much easier to do just that. Though honestly my one complaint is that it is a tad expensive. It will be a while before this goes down in price, and by then others will see the idea and run with it. That's still not a bad thing, but it is far too common with technology these days. 


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