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Sony Announces Special 3G/WiFi Vita Bundle

With a little less than a month to go before the PlayStation Vita goes on sale in North America and Europe, Sony has decided to sweeten the pot for consumers.  An "extremely limited edition" 3G/Wifi bundle will be available on launch day, February 22nd.  The bundle will include a 3G/WiFi capable PS Vita, 8GB memory card, AT&T Data Connect Pass, and a PSN game for $299.

With 3G, all of the Vita's social networking features will be fully functional, including but not limited to GPS based services like Near and location based digital gifting.  3G will also support PS3/PS Vita cross-platform gameplay and software updates.  Sony has been playing their cards extremely close to the chest so don't be surprised if there is still yet to come on PlayStation Vita as we get closer to the North American/European launch window.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]


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