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Sony Changes Resistance 3 3D Monitor Deal

Sony recently announced that it would be changing the offer to the package deal for their 3D. Sony has changed the packed in game from the upcoming Resistance 3 to Motorstorm Apocalypse. It is important to note that the deal will still offer the HDMI and glasses in the $500 package deal.

I think I speak for most when I say that the Resistance offer did seem a bit too good to be true. Though with 3D being on the decline it would still be logical that Sony would want to keep the technology alive. However, most would agree that the shooter genre has more of a appeal than a racing game. Though in Sony's defense they claim that "split-screen racing mode is perfect for the 3D Display's special two-player feature, which allows both players to see individual, unique, full-screen images of gameplay." Which is all well and good, but it's obvious that Sony is trying to sell Motostorm. For those who don't see how I ask you to consider the following. As of right now Motorstorm Apocalypse has sold 0.16 million world wide, and currently has a Metacritic score of 77. Now while we can only speculate on Resistance 3, but hell we're going to! Just because it's a good indicator on the popularity. With that said Resistance 2 got a 87 on Metacritic, and sold a good 2.14 million copies worldwide. Going deeper we even see the first game sold 3.83 million worldwide, which is higher than the last two Motorstorm games combined. With these numbers it makes you wonder why they're giving up such a good chance to build up their 3D market. Unless they don't care anymore, just like Hollywood is sick of the technology. That or they can't sell these Motorstorm games for anything. 

The good news is that select retailers such as Amazon are currently letting those that pre-order still get their copy of Resistance 3, with the copy of Motorstorm tacked on for good measure. One thing is certain, and that's retailers can not be happy with Sony right now for making this change so suddenly. There still is no date on the monitor, but expect more information as we get closer to TGS.


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