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Sony Chnages its PSVita Account Details Again

Sony has changed its story about PSVita and how it handles accounts, storage and saves a second time.

It was only last week they claimed that anyone could use any PlayStation Vita so long as they had their unique account bound memory card with them, cards that prior were revealed to be quite pricey. This statement contradicted the original details they revealed, stating it was instead one account per PSVita regardless of how many memory cards you have and apparently is now in fact the reality.

It seems that the way game data works on the handheld is that some of it will be saved to the internal hard drive and some will be saved to the mandatory memory stick you currently have in the device.  Should either of these be connected to different accounts, you will be unable to play any game that you have bound to either a specific Vita or a specific Vita memory card.

If you are confused don’t worry because that’s exactly what Sony has now done to potential buyers of their upcoming handheld.    I sure am glad I have no intention of buying one at least until they are affordable as I always have with my gaming devices but this has further extended my lack of immediate interest as I imagine will now be the case with many other gamers.


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