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Sony E3 2013 Preview – Can Sony Emulate and Better Previous Success?

After the recent announcements of both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, this year’s E3 looks to be the biggest and hopefully best for a very long time. While Nintendo have opted to not host a conference for the first time and instead focus on their Nintendo Directs, Microsoft and Sony will be fighting for the limelight in the battle for next generation supremacy. Today we are going to focus on Sony and everything we hope and expect to see in their hugely anticipated presentation that is just around the corner.


This of course will be the main focus for Sony to spread the message and get as many people talking as possible about their new console as they gear up for release later this year. The first thing they have to do is show the console for the first time. After already releasing a teaser video this is now confirmed to be unveiled at E3 so we won’t have to rely on bad photoshops for much longer.

The next important information consumers will be clamoring for will be a price and release date. Whilst the release is still a few months away (November most likely) an exact release date would be very nice to start the countdowns for and also to hear how much this piece of kit will cost us. After the reaction and initial flop of the PS3 and it’s price, expect a more reasonable number this time round. Of course it may still require some saving up for most of us.


After the details of console itself is taken care of, the next most important item on the agenda has to be games and more importantly which games we will be playing on launch day. Some of the exclusives we were shown at the reveal event include Killzone: Shadow Fall, Driveclub, Infamous: Second Son, and Knack which we will hopefully get to see gameplay and hear details on which ones will be available later this year.

Of course this doesn't mean these are the only PS4 games Sony have ready to show us. We don’t know what the other Naughty Dog studio is working on yet so maybe we will see Uncharted 4 or another new IP from them. Then there's Media Molecule (Little Big Planet) and it seems Quantic Dream (Heavy Rain) already have another project on the go after their appearance at the reveal event. Of course they still have their hands full with the PS3 which I will get to later.

Outside of exclusives expect to also see more of Ubisoft's two cross generation titles Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Watch_Dogs. Call of Duty: Ghosts is also coming to PS4, but expect that to be featured heavily at the Microsoft conference which leaves the door open for Battlefield 4 to blow everyone away in the military shooter space on Sony’s side.

However the most anticipated cross platform game has to be Destiny. After a CG trailer recently revealed that the first ever gameplay of the game is set to be debuted at the Sony conference, the stage is set for Microsoft’s former best friend Bungie to steal the show entirely for its competitor. The reveal so far hasn't gone down great so expect big things for this reveal as they will look to get people talking about the new FPS in an already crowded market. You have our attention Bungie, don’t let us down.


If you think this E3 will be all about the PS4 then you won’t be far wrong, but Sony won’t be forgetting it’s predecessor any time soon. Look for perhaps another price drop and more bundles to be announced as the final push for the console steadily arrives. Now that manufacturing costs will be at an all time low, Sony will be looking to sell to anyone who still hasn't got one in the previous few years on the market.

Of course they have to also talk PS3 games as the fall schedule needs to be filled once again. Beyond: Two Souls's marketing has already been coming on nicely so expect that to continue, perhaps with a live demo or just a new trailer. The big PS3 exclusive however to be shown off will be Gran Turismo 6 after the recent announcement and news that it will arrive in 2013. This will almost certainly have a live demo and yet more trailers, information and as much hype as Sony can generate for easily its best selling exclusive to date.


Then last and also unfortunately least we come to Sony’s struggling handheld. Sony really can't afford to give up on the Vita just yet and now being in its second year on the market really have to give it the push that it deserves. The first priority almost certainly should be a price drop. It worked wonders for the 3DS so Sony have to announce a reasonable drop to entice potential buyers and the sooner this arrives the better.

Also now that the PS4 is officially coming hopefully, we hear about lots of connectivity between the two devices in the form of cross buy games, saves and everything that Vita users have been crying out for. A potential wild card could be a PS4 and Vita bundle that really could do well if marketed correctly, but unfortunately that is something Sony have struggled with in the past.

Finally, they really need to announce more games. Outside of the indie space which is being very well supported right now on the Vita there isn't much coming on the retail side. Killzone: Mercenary is the big FPS that hopes to right the wrongs of the previous efforts in the genre so far, but after that there really isn't much coming. If they could announce another Uncharted, maybe InFamous and even God of War, having more established franchises for the system will go a long way in getting the system out there to the general masses. If they have any hopes of the Vita succeeding they are making a portable version of Gran Turismo 6 as we speak.


After the recent announcements of the new consoles many are already picking sides as to which they will be aligned with and who they think we succeed or fail. This was only the first initial shots to be fired and the real first battle will be at E3 and whoever ‘wins’ will be positioned fantastically to dominate the next 7+ years of console gaming. The Xbox 360 won last time due to releasing first and the PS3’s high price point. Sony have been playing catch up for the last few years and have done an incredible job at making the playing field level once again and, in my opinion, are positioned to have the same success they haven't seen since the PS2 days.

Many were disappointed at the Xbox One reveal and its lack of focus to core gamers, but this could all change with one successful E3 presentation. Sony have started a good message of being the console made by gamers, for gamers and must continue this heavily over the coming weeks. Talk more about games, less about TV and the gamer audience will undoubtedly come over. While they may not reach the broader audience with this message, they will continue their success in the gamer market and that seems to be exactly what Sony want. June 10th is a big day for Sony which could make or break their success for the foreseeable future. Let's hope they floor us and leave no doubt that Playstation is here to stay forever.


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