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Sony Gives ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ a 2014 Release Date

What are your plans for Summer 2014? Well, Sony assumes that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be part of them. The studio has claimed the most coveted Friday of every year — the first one in May —  for its sequel to next summer's highly anticipated franchise reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man.

A Sony exec told Deadline

"I think it speaks volumes about our confidence in what we are seeing on the new film and our desire to move quickly on the next installment."

James Vanderbilt, who wrote the first film (out on July 3 next summer), had been asked to work on a sequel in hopes that the predicted success of the first would allow for the instant fast-tracking of a second installment. Sony must really like what it sees so far in both The Amazing Spider-Man and whatever Vanderbilt's told them or shown them about the sequel to make an announcement of this nature so far ahead of time. Usually this kind of news breaks a few months before a film comes out when the studio has seen some form of the final product.

Sony will end Marvel Studios' four-year run in that first time slot of the summer. The studio released Iron Man 2 in 2010 and Thor in 2011 and will debut The Avengers next summer and Iron Man 3 in 2013 — all on that same weekend. Marvel would've undoubtedly filled that spot within the next year if Sony didn't take it.


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