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Sony Investing $20 Million in PSN Titles

Sony wants more exclusive games on PlayStation Network and they are spending 20 million dollars to make it happen.

It is news like this that fuels my desire to replace my old 40 gigabyte PS3 with a new one sporting a much bigger hard drive. I primarily play my console downloadable titles on Live for this simple reason and have unfortunately missed out on quite a few awesome looking PSN exclusives; I do hope to rectify this later in the year.

Sony says the money is going towards a three year plan, with recent titles such as Eufloria, Okabu, and Papo & Yo having already benefitted from it.

They clearly want to invest even more in this booming market and you can hardly find fault with that. A lot of people are expecting digital distribution to get even bigger and crazier when the next consoles roll around and I think Steam on PC (and Mac) is a good indicator of where they are ultimately headed. I already play 99% of my PC games via Steam now and while I don't expect PlayStation 4 to be without a Blu-ray drive, I can definitely see big budget titles getting digital releases on PSN on the same day as retailers in the not too distant future.


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