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Sony is ready for TGS and it’s packing Vita.

Sony is prepared to blitz the upcoming Tokyo Game Show (TGS) with Vita.  Fresh off the momentum of the PS3 $250.00 price cut announcement at GamesCon, Sony is not taking its foot off the accellerator going into TGS. Sony had already announced 13 games for the cutting-edge portable console, posted on the Japanese blog Andriasang, that are set to be shown off at the show. Today Sony announced they have 18, no that is not a typo, 18 more titles that will be announced at TGS. 31 games just wasn't enough for Sony though. They will also be showing off PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable software. IGN's Colin Moriarty reported the titles will include Street Fighter x Tekken, Battlefield 3, Ninja Gaiden 3 for PS3 and the PSP line-up will headline Final Fantasy Type-0.

This news is great for the future of the PS Vita.  If Sony wants the platform to succeed, they are going to have to feed PS Vita owners a solid diet of games.  The support Sony is showing as the company prepares for Vita's launch in Japan (and early 2012 for US/EU) is good news for those planning on being early adopters (myself included) of the system.  Considering the struggles of the Nintendo 3DS it will be interesting to see what kind of sales Sony is expecting for Vita.  iOS and Android devices are really taking over the portable gaming scene but will hardcore gamers gravitate to the Vita in numbers that will keep the company happy and invested in the system? Nintendo had maintained a stranglehold on the portable console market with the GameBoy and all of its successors for a very long time, but still struggled against smartphones. It will be interesting to see if the Vita will be able to succeed in the new landscape of the portable gaming economy.


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