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Sony launches PlayStation Mobile

Today sees the release of the PlayStation Mobile service from Sony, allowing both PS Vita and Android users to access new and updating content through the PlayStation Store.

Sony’s push in to the mobile market has featured the intriguing addition of their PlayStation brand for a while now. With mobiles like the Sony Xperia PLAY and services such as the former PlayStation Suite, Sony has used its knowledge of the gaming industry in an attempt to give their phones and services a sense of familiarity and novelty, not to mention some very good content. 

Today sees perhaps the biggest push in mobile PlayStation services since the concept was created. The new PlayStation Mobile application is available now on Android devices as well as the PlayStation Vita, both of which have automatic updates.


The application gives access to a host of titles all created with mobile gaming in mind and the launch line-up looks strong with some interesting games priced between $1 and $20. Highlights include rhythm slasher Samurai Beatdown and the classic flick hockey.

All PlayStation Mobile titles support the on-screen virtual Dualshock controller whilst the Vita an Xperia PLAY obviously use the classic controls. While the PlayStation Mobile store will update every Wednesday, you can check out the full list of launch titles and price below:

Frederic – Resurrection of Music ($3.99 / £3.19)
Loot The Land ($3.99 / £3.19)
incurvio ($7.49 / £5.89)
Wipe! ($1.49 / £1.19)
Magic Arrows ($4.99 / £3.99)
Everbody’s Arcade (Free trial / IAP)
Underline ($2.79 / £2.19)
Nyoqix ($5.49 / £4.49)
Numblast ($2.99 / £2.39)
Super Crate Box ($3.49 / £2.79)
Aqua Kitty – Milk Mine Defender ($3.49 / £2.79)
Flick Hockey ($2.29 / £1.79)
Word Blocked ($1.99 / £1.59)
Rebel ($1.99 / £1.59)
Tractor Trails ($2.29 / £2.59)
Hungry Giraffe ($2.99 / £2.39)
Beats Slider ($0.79 / £0.65)
Fuel Tiracas ($0.49 / £0.40)
Twist Pilot ($3.49 / £2.79)
Samurai Beatdown ($0.99 / £0.79)
Beats Trellis ($0.79 / £0.65)


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