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Sony Motions for ‘Grown Ups’ Sequel

Not a studio to let abysmal reviews stand in the way of a sequel, Sony Pictures is reportedly in talks with screenwriter Fred Wolf for a follow-up to last year’s Adam Sandler vehicle Grown Ups. The talks include the 2010 summer comedy's production company Happy Madison, whose founder, Sandler, will return for the sequel depending on how the script turns out.

That caveat doesn’t seem like it will be much of an issue; following a six-year writing stint on SNL, Wolf went on to write critical bombs such as Joe Dirt and Strange Wilderness before hitting it big by co-writing Grown Ups with Sandler. Despite scathing reviews, Grown Ups went on to gross over $270 million worldwide — Sandler's highest-grossing film, largely thanks to overseas audiences.

The exclusive, courtesy of Showblitz, also notes that this would be Sandler’s first sequel, should Grown Ups 2 become a real thing. So yes, it would appear that Sandler hasn’t quite hit his career nadir, which is a pretty frightening thought when considering last month’s Jack and Jill.  


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