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Sony rumored to have big E3 announcement

With E3 on the horizon and Sony trying to regain some of their former glory, rumors are spreading like wildfire around the net about Sony’s attempt at a new hand-held. Rumors say that Sony is expecting to announce the launch of the PlayStation Portable 2 (PSP2). If rumors are true this could be good news for Sony’s many fans and stockholders. Looking at the sale numbers of the PSP, it is more than possible to believe that this is what Sony is planning to do. The PSP Go was a failed attempt to yet again re-brand a failed product. After losing millions behind the PSP Go project and sinking even more into the PS3, one would think Sony has something up their sleeves. It’s too early for Sony to think new console, but new completely re designed hand-held.
Here are some of the specs that we can expect to hear about soon.
- 2 cameras (one in-front and one in-back).
- A touch screen in combination with the traditional PlayStation buttons
- A 2011 release date.
- No physical media a la PSP Go; there is a possibility it will be 3G enabled.
- Multiple PSP2 games are already in the works.
- One source claimed it to be “powerful,” running on a four-core Cell processor.

So far the PSP2 seems to be a sure thing and it looks to be promising. Other rumors about the PSP2 it that it’s being bumped up so it can compete with Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Nintendo’s DSI. Also it is speculated that the UMD mini-disk will return, but not for games. Not much more is known at the moment about any other possibilities or speculations, keep posted for more news as it becomes available.


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