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Sony Unveils New Super Slim PS3

Ok, so it may have been this year’s worst kept secret, but a new piece of gaming kit is always interesting news. During Sony’s Tokyo Game Show conference this morning the Japanese giant revealed the newest version of the PS3, a stylish and smaller console with a strange sliding exposed disk cover amongst other new features.

The new model, officially titled CECH-4000 series, will be available in two different versions. One will feature the largest base hard drive to ever grace a PS3 at 500GB while a 12GB flash memory version presents the option for expandable memory, again for the first time on PS3. A 250GB version will also be available in certain territories (not in the UK for instance). The 4000 series (Super Slim?) is half the size of the original tubby PS3 and 25% smaller than the slim while also weighing just 2.1kg. As you can see in the given images, the console has a more curvaceous look to it as well a a strange grooved section on the top panel. This panel also features a sliding disc case that reveals the disc slot. It’s certainly a different design that gives the PS3 an interesting new look that’s sure to carry it until the release of the next PlayStation console.


In terms of pricing and release dates, Sony released a helpful chart summarising all the information you need to know:

North America:

250GB - $269 (Uncharted 3/Dust 514 Bundle) - September 25th

500GB - $299 - October 30th

Europe and PAL Territories:

Flash Memory 12GB - 229 Euros, AUD $299.95, NZD $399.95 - October 12th (September 27th AU, October 18th NZ)

500GB - 299 Euros, AUD $399.95, NZD $519.95 - September 28th (September 27th ANZ)


250GB - 24,900 Yen - October 4th

500GB - 29,800 Yen - October 4th

The console will be available both as a standalone package and as a bundle with Uncharted 3: GOTY edition and a voucher for upcoming free-to-play title Dust  514. An Assassin’s Creed  3 bundle is also apparently in the works. Be sure to check back here at Player Affinity for the latest on the new console. 




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