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Sony’s E3 Press Conference Impressions

Below are my quick notes for the Sony presser: 

- We start off Sony's presser with a nice video package.
- And here comes Mr. Tretton!
- Killzone 3 looks great. Even not in 3D. Jet-packs seem very cool. Will be Move functional. Coming out Feb. 2011
- Gran Turismo 5, Crysis 2, Mortal Kombat, Gran Turismo 5, Shaun White Skateboarding, Tron, NBA 2K11, among others announced as being 3D compatible.
- Another video package shown for mainly just the audience. Showed all the games in 3D. Barg.
- Move time. Another thing I'm not fully sold on. Sell me on it, Sony! They're getting damn close. I just need to see this in action.
- Sorcery looks super awesome. Digging it. And Move seemed to work perfectly with it. 
- Golf does not demo well. Looks good, exactly like Tiger Woods Wii but with better graphics.
- Heroes on the Move announced. Features many lovable Sony characters such as Sly, Ratchet, and Jak. Cannot wait!
- Kevin Butler is on stage. He makes jokes. I laugh loudly. And start to love him even more. He has been the best thing this E3.
- Move announced for Sep. 15 in Europe and Sep. 21st in America.
- Move controller itself is $49.99. Attachment is $29.99. A bundle of both includes Sports Champions is $99.99. And you can buy a PS3 with all of the previous things for $399.99. Not too bad of a price seeing as Kinect with nothing but Kinect is 150 bucks.
- PSP time. A new ad campaign is being launched that features Marcus. (Kid from Role Models)
- God of War: Ghost of Sparta is announced. Will explain how Kratos became a God. Released this fall. 
- 70 new titles will be released by the end of December
- The Tester Season 2 announced for Fall. Oh God.
- LittleBigPlanet 2 looks amazing. An incredible platform for games. Day one purchase.
- Playstation Plus is announced. A subscription service that will give you lots of exclusive stuff. Actually doesn't sound too bad.
- Medal of Honor is talked about. New map shown. There will be a special addition for PS3 that included Medal of Honor Frontline.
- Dead Space 2 still looks good. The special edition for PS3 will include Dead Space Extraction. With Move support. I'm sold.
- The man that needs no inerduction, Gabe Newell is out! At a Sony conference! Portal 2 looks fantastic.
- Final Fantasy XIV footage shown. Wrapping up the show with something I don't really care about.
- Well, maybe not wrapping it up. Mafia 2? Huh? Why's that here?
- Beta announced for Assassins Creed Brotherhood exclusively on PS3. Well, we now know why no multiplayer was shown yesterday at Ubi's. The multiplayer trailer looked good.
- Large video package for PS3 games shown.
- Gran Turismo trailer now. Will "launch" November 2nd.
- InFamous 2 WOO. Again, decent trailer. Excited for ice!
- Twisted Metal announced. You. Win. Sony. Destructible environments. So great.
- Sony won the battle of the conferences though Nintendo did a great job as well. 


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