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Soul Calibur V Goes Gold

The fifth tale of souls and swords has officially gone gold. Namco Bandai announced that development for Soul Calibur V is complete and will begin mass production in time for its release on Jan. 31.

As with nearly every game released these days, Soul Calibur V will ship with different editions. Besides the standard $60 edition, fans can purchase an $80 Collector’s Edition. The Collector’s Edition includes an art book, soundtrack CD, making-of videos, a token for the downloadable Black & White armor sets, original artwork, a signed letter by Project Soul developers, and of course the game itself.

The "Soul Edition" FightStick, developed by Mad Catz, will release alongside the game. This arcade stick will be similar to the Super Street Fighter IV Chun-Li Tournament Edition FightStick, but will feature a translucent body and Soul Calibur aesthetics. It will be available for $160.


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