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Source 2 & Left 4 Dead 3 Spotted in Valve Studio Tour

Yesterday a group of Reddit fans were invited on a tour of Valve’s Seattle studios and while there one happy snapper caught a picture of an internal ‘changelog’ – a list of changes made to various projects currently underway under wraps.

A lot of details in the change log are about popular MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game DOTA 2, but there is clearly evidence of Left 4 Dead 3 and Source 2 which is rumored to be Valve's new graphics engine, replacing the original Source which is now nearly ten years old.  


There is no official confirmation that this image is 100% correct though Valve has frequently hinted that they’re working on a new engine which is highly needed since the developments in tech over the last decade. I really hope they bring a new engine that blows everything else out of the water, but only time will tell. What is surprising though is that Half-Life 3 (or Episode Three) is not the game it will be used with first, as was the case with the original Source and Half-Life 2.

Could this mean that the whole Reddit story is a fake? Or that the Left 4 Dead 3 information is a plant that Valve wanted people to see?

Nobody knows yet but I do not expect anyone to be upset by the arrival of a sequel to zombie co-op shooter Left 4 Dead which is an amazing multiplayer game. Four friends and a few beers followed by some zombie shooting action is something I definitely enjoy doing. We will bring you more as the story evolves.


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