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‘Source Code’ Will Jump to Television

The sci-fi film Source Code, which hit earlier this year from Moon director Duncan Jones, didn't quite get the receipts to match its critical acclaim with just $54.7 million domestic off a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes, but while it gains more exposure on DVD, CBS thinks there's an audience for it — on the small screen.

The Hollywood Reporter
relays that the sci-fi thriller led by Jake Gyllenhaal has been picked up by CBS as a television procedural. This new program would involve three former feds utilizing the “Source Code” capabilities from the film to help prevent tragic events from taking place.

In the film written by Ben Ripley, Gyllenhaal plays a soldier tasked with figuring out who blew up a Chicago-bound commuter train by using a sophisticated simulator program called the "Source Code." The catch is that the incident has already happened and he cannot prevent it from happening, but he tries anyway.

Though the concept of preventing crimes is a bit dated, it sounds like something that could work terrifically for television, even if it’s for nothing more than some cheap thrills. There's no word if anyone from the film will be involved, but it's unlikely. 


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