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South Park – Coon vs. Coon and Friends

The Superhero trilogy comes to a close and, while not perfect, it ends on a high note. They took the comedic route in this episode, as opposed to last week's episode where they choice to delve more into the mythology of the show. The results are mixed but more positive than negative. Once again the episode opens up with an amazing comic book into recapping the main point of the past two episodes starting with the BP oil drill. This time however Mint Berry Crunch narrates to much fanfare and humor. Mint Berry Crunch became the breakout star in this trilogy and it will be interesting to see what they do with him in the future, if they do anything at all. Kenny is back in his Mysterion costume and like always the other children are none the wiser to his death. Kenny seems pretty depressed throughout the entire episode and while there would be no real redemption for him, we as the audience are given enough information to answer our questions, but more on that later.

Cartman and Cthulhu are running around the world killing people that Cartman doesn't like... hippies, San Francisco, Justin Bieber  etc. This joke works pretty well because the entire time Cartman believes that he is making the world a better place. The other Coon friends look at him as the villain but he doesn’t see it that way. In Cartman’s warped mind he is the superhero and using Cthulhu to destroy the things he hates is the best way to save the world, it fits within the realm of Cartman’s character. The reusing of the Lebron James joke is a bit sloppy and doesn’t not have the same comedic timing or punch that it did last week, and they use it three times. 


Towards the end when all looks dark, but Kenny figures out that only another immortal can kill him, so he takes off towards Cthulhu to either finally die or destroy the monster. Neither of these things happen as the day is saved by the most unlikely of heroes. Mint Berry Crunch steps in and is told that he is from a planet with Berries that act as an energy source and that he has to take down the monster and save the world. He then does just that, turning into a genuine superhero leaving Kenny’s questions unanswered and Mint Berry Crunch as the true hero. With everything solved and Cthulhu back in his own dimension the kids rejoice and take the information that Mint Berry Crunch is an alien with superpowers pretty well. Cartman is locked up with Butters and everyone is happy….except for Kenny. Broken and alone his shoots himself in the head saying he is tired and the other children quickly morn his death.

Just when it looks like the show chose not to answer the question we see Kenny’s mom wake up in the middle of the night telling he husband that its happening again. Kenny is born again and his parents take the newborn baby to his room putting him to sleep in one of his orange coats. Kenny dies but is reborn to his mother every time and grows to his old age over night. They mention that they shouldn’t have gone to the cult meeting and it would seem that only his parents know that Kenny dies all the time. This is the same answer we were given back in the episode, Cartman Joins NAMBLA, but we thought it nothing more than a through away joke. Trey and Matt sided with continuity and the show is better for it.

The whole super hero trilogy is an odd one as it has moments of greatness but stumbles over itself a number of times. It just seems a bit unfocused with constantly shifting storylines. These three episodes follow and introduce plots, but randomly drop them at times: Captain Hindsight, BP, The Cult, The Gulf. While it is easy to say that the real focus was on Kenny’s immortality and the first against Cthulhu, I really couldn’t tell who the enemy was. Was it Cthulhu? Was it Cartman? Really though the episodes were funny and while I may have wanted more I enjoyed what we got.  



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