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South Park – Medicinal Fried Chicken

Taking from current affairs, Cartman gets involved with an illegal KFC smuggling ring ala Scarface and Randy finds out that he can get medicinal pot so he gives himself testicular cancer. Both over reactions to different social problems.

It's even funnier how they manage to tie them together. The old KFC is now the medicinal marijuana store and Randy finds out about it from taking the boys for KFC. It turns out that the state of Colorado has banned KFC for it being bad for people because of the trans fats. We get to meet Colonel Sanders who of course is dead, but in this reenactment he is the Columbia Drug Kingpin and Cartman is Tony Montana. They even kill the kid with Cartman just like in the movie for being a snitch.

Randy spends his time trying to figure out to get cancer so he can get legal pot! He irradiates his testicles and ends up with huge ones that are cancer laden-ed. Causing half the men in town to do the same thing. They also come up with some very strange conclusions about this subject as well!?!

In the end somehow they relate the two which is unbelievable but very South Park. A fun time was had by all! Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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