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South Park – You Have 0 Friends

Stan is forced to get a Facebook page despite not wanting one. Of course it grows a mind of its own and forces him to action. Kyle befriends a boy with no friends on Facebook and loses all of his friends causing a dilemma for him as well.

Truly solid mockery of sites even like this one we belong too. The socialization of America and the world! It's funny and like most subjects the boys deal with it is spot on!

A number of brilliant pieces to this puzzle. The subtle use of Cartman's show which is a rip off of the gentlemen who does the very same thing on one of the business channels. The Tron theme for the User versus Profiles piece of the story. The outcast who Kyle befriends which turns him into an outcast.

Now personally I don't use Facebook. I have a page that someone did for me just like Stan. In a humorous side note, I got 27 friend invites today alone. I don't even use it and I'm getting that kind of response! Poor Stan gets guilt-ed by his Father and Grandmother of all people besides others, some of which are complete strangers on the street. I have to say it amazes me the number of invites and friend requests I get and the huge number of people I don't have the slightest idea who they are. So it seems this experience Stan is having is quite real in today's times. Poor Kyle. He tries to do the right thing and it backfires on him. He even goes to Cartman for advice and of course you saw where that got him!

So the writers and creators of South Park hit the mark again. Excellent depiction of the current trends and a great storyline too boot. This season has sizzled except for one episode. Keep up the good work. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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