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Southern Bastards #5 Features New Focus and Variant Cover

Southern Bastards is a new series from Jason Aaron (Thor)and Jason Latour (Wolverine & The X-Men). It combines violent small-town gangs, complicated characters, and southern life into an interesting comic. Just like Aaron explored the complex culture of Native American life (and its gritty underbelly) in Scalped, he and Latour, both sons of the south, are doing the same kind exercise with the small southern town of Craw County, where crime and corruption are as big as barbeque and football.   southern bastards 5   If you’re reading Southern Bastards, you’ll know that issue #4 had a major shock at the end, one that necessitates a change in the story. So issue #5 will explore Craw County from another angle – the crime lord/high school football coach nicknamed Couch Boss. The issue will begin to explore some of the history of Craw County as well as Couch Boss’s rise to power. How did a football coach get to be a kingpin? Southern Bastards #5 promises to start telling that story.   southern bastards 5   Along with a new storytelling focus, Southern Bastards #5 will also feature a variant cover by Andrew Robinson (The Fifth Beatle) to go along with the regular cover by Latour. In keeping with the central character of the fifth issue of the series, Robinson’s variant cover will highlight Coach Boss. The new issue of the series, Southern Bastards #5, will hit comic stores on October 29th.


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