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Space Mullet Gets a Graphic Novel!

It’s never been a surprise when web comics make the jump to a more traditional printed format - it’s simply a matter of reaching the actual buying branch of the comic audience. Not only have we had The Adventures of Dr. McNinja and the upcoming Brian K. Vaughn affair, The Private Eye, but now a new voice is joining those ranks. The voice of Darren Warren Johnson’s Space Mullet!  

space mullet cover

  Johnson, otherwise known for work on Ghost Fleet and Alabaster, has created a series where pretty much anything can happen. Space goblins, telekinetic aliens, futuristic roller derbies, and space truckers - all that and more than you can name! The series follows ex–Space Marine Jonah and his copilot Alphius who are drawn into one crazy adventure after another. Together they forge a crew of misfits into a family that must face the darkest parts of the universe together. The collection will be entitled Space Mullet!: One Gamble At A Time, and has already been praised for its “amazing action sequences” (Nerdspan), “stunning space scenes” (Multiversity Comics), and for being a “a healthy serving of the ol’ ultraviolence” (Pretty Cool Webcomics). The collections hits stores on March 16, 2016. Comments and thoughts would be appreciated below.


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