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Space Warped and Word Girl Go Kaboom!

Kaboom! is rolling out the news this week. I'm beginning to think that losing Pixar and Disney was the best thing to happen to Boom! From it's ashes rises four announcements with (I'm assuming) a fifth one tomorrow. So far we have the Peanuts at Kaboom! with rumors that it may be original material. Roger Langridge of Thor: The Might Avenger fame and the addition of two new titles "Spaced Warped" which looks a lot like Star Wars. Lastly we have "Word Girl" which defintely seems like it's geared for younger children. What I have to say I'm looking forward to about this line is that it's not seventy year old characters people are familar with watered down for children. In the case of "Word Girl" at least it looks like a kids superhero book. We'll have to see what else Kaboom! has planned and what the release schedule is like, but with what little we know... it looks good!

Space Warped
Word Girl - Kaboom


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