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Spawn 200 Celebration – A Night At Golden Apple

Yesterday Spawn turned 200. A feat that has only been managed by Cerebus to my knowledge, but now Spawn has joined the ranks of an independently produced book reaching issue 200. To celebrate Spawn creator and Image Co-Founder Todd McFarlane had a signing party at Golden Apple Comics in Hollywood. I was invited to join the press party before the signing where none other than Stan "The Man" Lee was in attendance.

I didn't really go to meet Todd or congratulate him, no I went to check out the event and see what it was all about. Frankly it was a very cool experience getting to see Stan Lee, who didn't stay too long. There were a few surprise visits the biggest and being Jim Lee who stopped by to show support for his friend as he reached his landmark issue.

At the VIP, party which was hosted by Golden Apple and CBR, free swag was handed out from Mad Pax.The spikey back packs that they handed out resembled King Koopa's shell from Mario and was pretty cool to be honest. Inside the bag was a copy of Spawn 200, a reprint copy of Spawn 1 and The Haunt 1 from the Image First line of comics. Also included was a Halo 3 action figure from MacFarlane Toys and a random ass CD. I've looked at the thing three times and I'm not sure who the band is and I'm sure I won't care.

Todd was incredibly nice and did every interview he was asked for and signed a bunch of Spawn 1's and 200's for the people in attendance for the VIP function. He stayed and signed so much that he ended up being late for the actual signing that had fans lined up a block and a half down the street. It was a very impressive turn out for the event as fans stood in line to have their Spawn 1's signed. In fact I felt like the only guy there without a copy of Spawn 1 to have signed.

Having forgot my camera you're all treated to my camera phone pics that turned out so-so.

Todd MacFarlane
Todd - Spawn Celebration
The start of the line - Spawn 200
The Bag!
The Loot
A big thank you to Golden Apple and CBR for hosting the event (they had Spawn Merlot) and a big congrats to Todd and Image Comics for Spawn's success. And to the fan's that waited in line long after I left... I hope you got your stuff signed!


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