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Spawn 200 Sells Out!

It's Spawn time! Looks like the landmark issue of Spawn 200 has sold out at the distribution level. Which basically means Diamond Comics (the shipper of all North American comics) has no more first prints to sell retailers. But, I'm very sure that most retailers have all six covers still in stock since there were huge incentives to buy all covers in large quantities. However, if you're a completionist and need a second printing then fear not, one is on the way. 

It's an issue too large to contain -- and an issue too hot to keep on shelves! SPAWN #200, the landmark issue of the top-selling independent comic of all time, has sold out at the distribution level!

Image Comics is rushing comics' best value in years back to the presses. The second printing of SPAWN #200 will be in stores February 9, so mark your calendars if you missed the first printing!

Spawn 200 Cover A"Obviously, it's great to have any book you create sell out," says creator Todd McFarlane, "but given the high initial orders of the first printing of SPAWN #200, combined with the fact that this is our big bicentennial issue, it only makes the sellout that much more rewarding. I'd like to thank both the fans and the store owners for making this possible."

SPAWN celebrates its 200th issue in high fashion, with an all-star lineup: Greg Capullo (HAUNT, THE CREECH), David Finch (CYBERFORCE, Batman), Michael Golden (The 'Nam, Micronauts) Jim Lee (All-Star Batman and Robin, Batman: Hush), Rob Liefeld (YOUNGBLOOD, Deadpool), Marc Silvestri (THE DARKNESS, CYBERFORCE), Danny Miki (SPAWN, Avengers) and Ashley Wood (HELLSPAWN, Zombies vs. Robots) all contributed to the issue. Robert Kirkman (THE WALKING DEAD, HAUNT) even wrote and penciled an origin story for Omega Spawn!

In this landmark issue, the most ruthless villain in the Spawn universe returns. Can Jim Downing survive a face-to-face confrontation? Downing will battle his most fearsome opponent yet and get answers from an astonishing source, as two fan-favorite characters make a glorious return in this double-sized issue.

SPAWN #200 Second Printing (DEC108009), a 56-page full-color comic book for only $3.99, will be in stores February 9, 2011.

Further, 2011 will be a big year for SPAWN: New series artist Szymon Kudranski and writer Will Carlton are already several issues ahead. Issues 201-205 will be coming out bi-weekly, to build on the momentum of the 200th issue. SPAWN 201 (JAN100417) will be in stores January 26; SPAWN 202 (FEB100348) will be in stores February 9; SPAWN 203 (NOV100471) will be in stores February 23; SPAWN 204 (DEC100493) will be in stores March 9; and SPAWN 205 (JAN110621) will be in stores March 23.


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