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Speculations for the Amazing Spider-man #700

The Amazing Spider-man #700 is going to be the last issue of the long running series. So, we know that Dan Slott has a lot in store for us. Especially since a month later there will be a new Marvel Now title for Spider-man called Superior Spider-man, which will also be written by Dan Slott. So, here is my speculations of what will happen in The Amazing Spider-man #700, which will lead into Superior Spider-man.

Will Miguel O’Hara be the new Spider-man?

If you guys haven’t heard Peter Parker will not be Spider-man in Superior Spider-man. It has been rumored that Miguel O’Hara (Spider-man 2099) will be the new Spider-man. We do not know exactly how he will become Spider-man or how he will even become relevant in The Amazing Spider-man, but I know I am excited to find out.


Peter Parker Will not die, but someone close to him will

It has already been confirmed that Peter Parker will be around in the Superior Spider-man series, just not as Spider-man. Can someone close to Peter die? My guess is that it will probably be Aunt May if anyone does die. She is already in the hospital from the plane accident that they had a few issues back. They wouldn’t put her in the hospital for no reason. She will die of natural causes. Aunt May’s death may affect Peter so much that he quits being Spider-man.

The "One More Day" Spell is erased

For a couple of issues Dan has been referencing "One More Day." Why reference an event if it is not going to be important for future issues. I think someone is going to find out Peter is Spider-man. Than the spell would be broken so everyone would remember that Peter revealed his identity during Civil War. This would also mean that Aunt May would die. Since the spell was made to keep her alive, which also proves my Aunt May death theory. We may even get to see Peter and Mary Jane remember their marriage, and get back together.  


These are only some theories I have about the end of the Amazing Spider-man. What do you think will happen in the last issue of The Amazing Spider-man. Tell us what you guys think in the comments below.


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