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Spider-Gwen Featured on Ultimate Spider-Man Season Finale

"Spider-Gwen Fans Get the Ultimate TV Surprise"
According to IGN, fan favorite comic character Spider-Gwen will be featured on the season finale Disney XD's Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon series in September. This debut will be the first time the character has appeared on a Marvel television series, in either animated or live action form. Fans of Ultimate Spider-Man will not only be treated to Spider-Gwen, but many other popular and well-known characters will appear in the final episodes of the season as well. The final four episodes will make up a four-part series finale called "Return of the Spider-Verse." The Spider-Verse are stories that feature versions of Spider-Man from many different alternative universes. Spider-Gwen 2 Spider-Gwen is an alternative universe version of Spider-Man, where female friend Gwen Stacy fights crime as a version of the well-known super hero. On this alternative world, instead of Peter Parker being bitten by the radioactive spider that gave him his amazing abilities, Gwen Stacy was and instead becomes a Spider-Woman - affectionately known by fans as Spider-Gwen. The character, created by Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez, first appeared in Edge of Spider-Verse #2  in 2014, and has since landed her own series based on immense popularity by comic book fans. Spider-Gwen will be voiced by Dove Cameron (Liv and Maddie, Descendants) in the series. Who are some of the other Spider-Verse heroes you can expect to see in the Ultimate Spider-Man finale? IGN also reported exclusively that fans can expect to see Blood Spider and Spider-Ham (both voiced by Ben Diskin) in addition to the Miles Morales version of Spider-Man (voiced by Ogie Banks) and Wolf Spider (voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes.) If that's not enough, you can also expect to see Web Beard the spider pirate (voiced by Will Friedle), Webslinger the Spider Cowboy (voiced by Troy Baker), and Spider-Man Noir, voiced by Milo Ventimiglia. Spider-Verse by Scottie Young Spider-Ham and Wolf Spider as talking Marvel animals not enough? Rocket Raccoon (voiced by Trevor Devall, reprising his role from the Guardians of the Galaxy animated series) and Howard the Duck (voiced by Seth Green, reprising his role from the post-credit cameo in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie) will also be featured as allies to 'Team Spider' during the four-part season finale, IGN has also learned. The Ultimate Spider-Man series, currently in its fourth season on Disney XD, will air "Return to the Spider-Verse: Part One" on Saturday, August 27th at 8:00pm ET/PT on Disney XD, followed by Part Two on September 3rd, Part Three on September 10th, and Part Four (with Spider-Gwen) on September 17th.


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