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Spider-Man “Ends of the Earth” Teasers

This week Marvel had revealed a couple of teasers for a new Amazing Spider-man story arc called “Ends of the Earth”. This story arc is going to start with issue 682. The only information we have for the plot is that Dr. Octopus is going to be a main villain of the story arc and the Sinister Six is going to be involved also. Here is a couple of teasers that came out this week for the story arc:


The last we have seen of the Sinister Six was in Amazing Spider-man#676. The whole issue shows us that the Sinister Six will play a major part in 2012 for Amazing Spider-man. My guess is that issue is a bit of a prelude to see what is to come in the “Ends of the Earth” story arc. 

As we get closer to the event we will see a lot more teasers for this story arc. My hope for this story arc is that it will be as good as “Spider Island”. I trust Dan Slott to do a great job with this story arc just as he has been doing with his run on Amazing Spider-man. So, watch out for more teasers as we come closer to issue 682.




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