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Spider-Man Joins the Fantastic Four

After the Fantastic Four member Johnny Storm was torched-out in Fantastic Four #587, it was asked who would replace him, if anyone?  None other then the famous wall-crawler Spider-man!  It is not much of a surprise since Spider-man’s alliance with the Fantastic Four goes back to the first issue of his own series, The Amazing Spider-man #1 back in 1963.  He had asked them then if they wanted to hire a new member for there team and now they have finally given him an answer: yes!

The new series with Spider-man as an active member of the Fantastic Four re-launches in March: though they will no longer be known as the Fantastic Four.  Instead their will be a name change – the team will become known as the Future Foundation, still enabling it to keep the slang term FF even if the new name sounds like some kind of space brigade. 

Future Foundation will continue to be made by Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting.  The new costume designs will be drawn by Marko Djurdjevic and the variant cover art will be done by Daniel Acuna and Stan Goldberg.  Expect the premier issue of Future Foundation in late march, along with variant covers and a blank cover.

Future Foundation #1 Cover 


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