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Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Activision is currently at work on a new Spider-Man game titled "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions". The title will star four versions of the famous web slinger with Amazing Spider-Man and Noir Spider-Man being the two revealed so far.

To differentiate between the two, and to spice up gameplay, each Spidey will have their own focus during gameplay. Amazing Spider-Man, the standard comic book one, will focus on web based combat constantly shooting webbing at foes and leaping around. Noir Spider-Man, the Batman-esque crime-noir version,  will focus on stealth although he will also have access to web shooting and acrobatics.

As for the other two characters, no one knows. Fans are speculating that one may be Spider-Man 2099 but Activision is being tight lipped about it. I'm hoping for a Zombie Spider-Man myself or a Mini-Marvels version although I'm not sure how either wold fit into the storylines.

The game involves a threat to the multiverse that requires the four Spider-Men to work towards the same goal. Developed by Beenox the developer is taking into consideration the complaints about the previous Spider-Man title "Web of Shadows" into consideration.




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