Turn off the Lights

Spider-Man’s Broadway Show Turns Off Their Lights

Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark is one of the most infamous Broadway shows ever made. There have been injuries, bad reviews, talent change, and so much more. The show is the most expensive show ever produced on Broadway. It cost 1.2 million to produce every week, but ticket sales never matched up to how much money this production cost. After two years the show will be literally turning off their lights.  Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark will be ending in January. The show may be closing its doors in New York City, but there are plans to open the show in Las Vegas. This new venue may fit the acrobatics that this show is famous for. What do you guys think about Spider-man Turns off the Dark closing? Was it expected? Did you enjoy the show? If you haven’t seen the show will you see it in Las Vegas? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.   spider-man-musical  


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