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Spider-Men #1 Review

Spider-Men is Marvel’s newest mini-series event that brings Peter Parker from the 616 universe into the Ultimate Universe where there is a new Spider-man named Miles Morales. How will Peter react to a new Spider-man, and how will he react when he finds out that the Peter Parker of the Ultimate Universe has died?

The cover for this issue explains this event very well. A lot of people are going to be tempted to buy this issue when they get to see Peter and Miles on the same cover. Sara Pichelli's art makes the cover even better.

In this issue Peter Parker is patrolling the city, and sees a burst of light. Of course, Peter tries to find out what this light is. When he goes near the light he gets sucked into the Ultimate Universe where Peter Parker has died, and there is a new Spider-Man in town.

I was very excited for this event because I am a big Peter Parker fan, and I have been enjoying Miles Morales’ stories also. So, I had high expectations for this series. After I read this issue all my high hopes for this series were let down.

For most of this issue Peter is talking about New York. This narration could have been great for the first two pages, but not for half of the issue. It just did not feel like 616 Peter Parker would say that, but it felt like more Ultimate Peter Parker would. Something I worried about going into this event was that Brian Michael Bendis would write Peter more like Ultimate Peter than 616 Peter. There are differences between the two characters. In this first issue Bendis wrote Peter like the Ultimate Peter, and not the 616 Peter Parker.

Another thing that really annoyed me in this issue was how Peter went into the Ultimate Universe. Fans have been waiting for the 616 Universe and the Ultimate Universe crossover for years now. They could have had a better story for Peter to come into the Ultimate Universe. All Peter did was find a light, and then he got sucked into the Ultimate Universe. That is so predictable, and not original. It made me upset that Bendis could not think of another way for Peter to come into the Ultimate Universe.

Even though I really hated the story I still loved the art for this issue. Sara Pichelli did a great job with Peter Parker and Miles Morales. I am glad that she was the artist for this event.

This was a bad set up for this event, but I still think there is potential. I think Bendis may have better story to tell once Peter is in the ultimate universe and interacts with Miles. So, I will probably pick up the next issue. So, I say don’t pick up issue 1 of this series, and wait for issue 2 to come out. 



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