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Spider-Men #3 Review

Spider-men is the mini series that all Spider-man fans have been waiting for. In this mini series we finally see how Peter Parker of the 616 universe reacts to the ultimate universe.

The cover for this issue was great. It had a great concept that explained most of what happened in the issue. Miles and Peter had a big showdown with Mysterio in this issue. I also really loved the art from Sara Pichelli for the cover and the interior art. She does a great job with this series, and I love her artwork for ultimate Spider-man.

In this issue, Peter and Miles go up against Mysterio of the ultimate universe. After the fight Peter finds out for himself if the Peter Parker of the ultimate universe is actually dead.

This issue sets up for a great ending for this mini series. The beginning was a little slow with the Mysterio fight.  But the ending of this issue is what made this issue interesting. Peter finally gets to meet the ultimate versions of Gwen and Aunt May. I am very excited to see how Gwen and Aunt May will react to Peter Parker being alive. It also should be interesting to see how Peter will react to Gwen being alive and living with Aunt May in the ultimate universe. Next issue should be all about reactions.

Peter Parker is focused more in this issue than Miles Morales . We do get to see Miles when he teams up with Peter, but other than that we didn't really get a lot of story with him. I wanted Miles to react a little more to Peter. Miles should be excited that there is another Spider-man to show him the ropes.

The biggest problem I have this story is that Mysterio still doesn't feel like a great villain for this event. I wish they picked someone else that Miles and Peter could both relate to more. Even if they created a new villain, that would of been more creative for the story. Mysterio doesn't even feel like a big threat. This could be one of the reasons why the first half of this issue felt a little slow.
The art for this issue was great. Sara Pichelli does a great job for Miles character and the whole ultimate universe.  I am glad that she is the artist for this mini series.

It was a solid issue and a great addition to the mini series. Pick this issue up! The next two issues should be very interesting with lots of action and lots of drama. 



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