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Spiderman The Musical Opens On Broadway This Sunday

Us nerds have had a good time making fun of the new Broadway Musical Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark for the last few months.  After all, it has a silly title, it’s an unnecessary re-telling of Spidey’s origin story, and let’s be honest, the mere idea of a superhero musical sounds like a terrible, terrible idea.
Theatre buffs have our own qualms as well, Spiderman has been delayed numerous times, including a recent last-minute delay a few weeks ago.  Not to mention the fact that Broadway is already flooded with big-budget adaptations while great original shows are closing, and a few of us have seen the catastrophic Superman musical from the 60’s (With Charles Nelson Reilly as the villain).

Well, this Sunday we’ll find out if we were justified with our relentless stream of heckling, because we’ll finally get a chance to see the show starting the 28th when it enters previews.  For those who aren’t familiar with how a Broadway show is produced, “Previews” are the month or so of performances which come before the official opening of a big show, and during that period, the production is tinkered with.

It won’t be quite fair to judge Turn Off The Dark based on we see for the next couple of weeks, but it will still be an approximation of what the show will be like when it opens.  Keep an eye on Player Affinity for our review after opening night in January.  If you can't wait, grab your tickets now at their website.


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